Alan Bryce

Non-Executive Director,
The Tenancy Fraud Forum
Former Head,
Counter Fraud Audit Commission

Alan has over 30 years experience tackling public sector and charity fraud. Currently a non-Executive Director of the Tenancy Fraud Forum, Alan is the former Head of Counter Fraud at the Audit Commission, former Head of Counter Fraud & Cybercrime at the Charity Commission. More recently Alan  was the Business Fraud campaign Manager for the Love Business Hate Fraud campaign run by the Fraud Advisory Panel, and interim Head of the Panel for part of 2023.

Alan has a Master in Counter Fraud & Counter Corruption, his academic thesis on the Nature and Extent of Tenancy Fraud was the first academic study undertaken on the issue in the UK, and was subsequently utilised by government as the main evidence base for the Prevention of Social Housing Fraud Act. Alan is also a former public sector auditor and police office.