Andrew Penhale

Chief Crown Prosecutor,
Crown Prosecution Service

Andrew Penhale is a Chief Crown Prosecutor and Head of the Regional and Wales Division (RWD) of the CPS Serious Economic, Organised Crime and International Directorate (SEOCID). RWD conducts large, organised crime, fraud, bribery and tax evasion cases, from a range of different investigators: including HMRC, NCA, City of London Police, MHRA, NHS, DWP and police forces from across the country. RWD contains around 170 staff based in eight offices outside of London and the South-East, across England and Wales.

Andrew has over 20 years’ service in the CPS and was previously head of the Specialist Fraud Division and between 2017-20, the Chief Crown Prosecutor for the North-East of England. He is the national CCP lead on Economic Crime and, in 2023, led the team which delivered the CPS’s first Deferred Prosecution Agreement.