Stratford Hamilton


Stratford is a licensed Insolvency Practitioner a member of the Association of Business Recovery Professionals (R3) and the Fraud Advisory Panel He has spent over two decades undertaking personal and corporate insolvency appointments mainly associated with fraud and specialist investigations.

Stratford has over 20 years experience in insolvency assignments beginning at Baker Tilly in 1999 and has worked on and lead a number of investigation cases of property investment schemes, a number of “pyramid style” investment scams as well as a complex high profile case of a solicitors practice involving a number of government agencies.  

He works with creditor groups and government bodies in investigative cases pursuing claims in order to recover funds on behalf of creditors in insolvent estates. Stratford has for the last 8 years specialised in the field of Telecoms and Data Protection and has been involved in a number of high profile insolvency cases involving large fines issued by the regulators of up to £1,000,000.

Stratford has worked with the regulators to provide training and guidance when faced with insolvency processes and has been involved closely with the enforcement agencies in pursuing serious repeat offenders in the telecoms and GDPR sectors in relation to civil pursuance as well as assisting the Insolvency Service in disqualifications.

Most recently Stratford has been appointed over the bankruptcy of a political representative and entrepreneur who was the subject of a high profile defamation case against a well known tv personality.

Memorable cases for Stratford have been:

Liquidation of a Property Investment company, which involved investors being defrauded both in the UK and the US for over $62m.

The Liquidation and subsequent bankruptcy of an individual involved with VAT fraud in the region of £5m. The liquidation also involved an investigation into an internal fraud within a large well known PLC.

The Liquidation of a high profile solicitors practice involving a number of government legal agencies as well as the Ministry of Defence.