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R3 are processing all registrations for the Fraud Conference – including those received from members of the Fraud Advisory Panel and INSOL Europe.

If you are a member of either Fraud Advisory Panel or INSOL Europe you will need a special booking code to use on the R3 website. 

If you have not already received your code, please contact:

Fraud Advisory Panel: 

INSOL Europe:

Please note to be eligible for 'New Professional Member' ticket you must be a member of the Fraud Advisory Panel Future Fraud Professionals Network, an INSOL Europe Young Professional Member or R3 New Professional Member

How to Book


To log into the booking portal, you will need an R3 web login/ID. If you do not have an R3 login/ID click here to create one.


To book, click on the below button and you will be directed to the R3 registration portal.


If you cannot remember your password, go to My Profile to reset your password or log in to see your R3 ID number.

For exact instructions on how to book and more information refer to our Fraud Conference FAQs.

Group Bookings


For group bookings please contact the R3 events team at with the names and R3 IDs of your group and we will process your group booking.  

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